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August 21, 2007

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August 8, 2007


Microimaging Applications Group

August 2, 2007...

Pleasanton, California - Imaging leaders Photometrics, Gatan, Media Cybernetics, and QImaging are pleased to announce the formation of the Microimaging Applications Group (MAG). The four technology partners will work independently as well as in synergy to offer an unparalleled range of solutions for microimaging applications. Collectively, the companies have more than 400 employees around the world. The group's website is located at www.MAGworldwide.com.

"The value of this active alliance lies in the fact that, as a group, we can leverage our considerable resources to provide customers with more high-performance solutions than any other supplier," explains Tom Connelly, president of the Microimaging Applications Group. "We are uniquely positioned to develop innovative instrumentation, systems, and software for a remarkably diverse set of life science, material science, and industrial imaging applications."

The Microimaging Applications Group possesses a broad and deep product portfolio that includes quantitative CCD and EMCCD cameras, precision imaging optics, and data management tools - as well as a full complement of instrumentation and software used to enhance the performance of electron microscopes and x-ray microscopy systems. The group has extensive software experience with simple (e.g., photodocumentation) and complex applications (e.g., light and electron energy lasers, spectroscopy, laser ablation, and microscope automation and control).

The Microimaging Applications Group also offers complete systems tailored to facilitate a wide array of imaging techniques for life science experiments, such as fluorescence recovery after photobleaching (FRAP) and spectral imaging. These fully integrated solutions will be distributed under the group's new MAG Biosystems brand.