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Spectral Imaging Systems

Multichannel imaging systems


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We know how important it is to get the best information about the latest applications, technologies and techniques. This page is your index to in vivo, spectral, and multichannel imaging related application and technical notes. If you don't see something you need, please, let us know.

Multichannel Notes

Endocytosis with Multicolor TIRFM

FRET Imaging

Fluorescence Polarization

Live-Cell Ratiometric Imaging of Intracellular pH

Ratiometric Calcium Imaging

Dual-View Filters

Fluorescence and DIC

Dynamic Ratio Imaging of Intracellular Calcium

Multispectral Notes

Quantitative Spectal Unmixing of Fluorescence Signals (Technical Note)

Removal of Autofluorescence Using the SpecEMô System and Spectral Unmixing

SpecEM System Principles of Operation (Technical Note)