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Dual-Cam Brochure

Splits emission into two separate channels

Simultaneous acquisition of two emission channels

Simultaneous acquisition of up to four emission channels

Spectral Imaging Systems

Multichannel imaging systems


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multichannel Imaging Systems
Splits emission into two separate channels

MAG Biosystems multichannel project multiple images onto the detector(s) at the same time, thus removing electromechanical positioning of filter optics as a rate-determining factor. With these systems, investigators can take full advantage of newer, low-light, high-speed imaging sensors like EMCCDs.

The Dual-Cam takes the emission exiting the microscope and splits it into two separate channels. Each channel is then projected onto a CCD.

Over the last decade there has been a substantial increase in the number of life science applications that require fluorescence microscopy to investigate dynamic phenomena in cells and living tissue. Due to the spatial, spectral, and temporal complexities associated with acquiring quantitative emission ratios, it is often necessary to use two or more channels simultaneously to track changes in fluorescence signal.