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Dual-View Brochure

Splits emission into two separate channels

Simultaneous acquisition of two emission channels

Simultaneous acquisition of up to four emission channels

Spectral Imaging Systems

Multichannel imaging systems


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multichannel Imaging Systems
Simultaneous acquisition of two emission channels

The Dual-View utilizes a single beamsplitter to split the incident beam from the microscope into two independent beams.

The capability to acquire up to four separate spectral channels (e.g., blue, green, red, far red) simultaneously provides flexibility in multicolor bio-investigation. Not only does such multicolor imaging make it possible to colocalize specific time-critical molecular phenomena, it also speeds up investigations by capturing more fluorophores in each exposure.

For example, with the Dual-View, a living cell can be imaged for both CFP fluorescence and YFP fluorescence in one shot, with perfect registration.