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Lumazone CA Brochure

Lumazone FA
Automated Fluorescence System

Lumazone CA
Automated Chemiluminescence System

Lumazone CM
Manual Chemiluminescence System

Lumazone FM
Manual Fluorescence System


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Lumazone CA
Automated Chemiluminescence System

The Lumazone CA system is a high-performance solution for more advanced chemiluminescence macroscopic imaging applications, such as advanced time-course experiments and multiprobe investigations. The CA configuration provides an automated stage and simple, automated brightfield image acquisition. An emission filter wheel option is also offered.

Like the Lumazone CM configuration, the CA system lets researchers select from among four back-illuminated CCD or EMCCD cameras in order to equip their Lumazone with the desired resolution, sensitivity, and speed capabilities.


  • High-performance CCD or EMCCD camera
  • Dark box
  • Imaging lens
  • LED light source for brightfield imaging
  • Lumazone software powered by Image-Pro Plus
  • Custom-configured computer
  • Automated stage
  • Automated brightfield image acquisition
  • Calibrated luminescence standard
  • Optional emission filter wheel
  • Carrying case for dark box

Camera Options: