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Quantitative Spectal Unmixing of Fluorescence Signals (Technical Note)

Removal of Autofluorescence Using the SpecEM™ System and Spectral Unmixing

SpecEM System Principles of Operation (Technical Note)


Spectral Imaging Systems

Multichannel imaging systems


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spectral Imaging Systems
Spectral Imaging System for Fluorescence Microscopy

With the development of the MAG Biosystems SpecEM system, full spectral information is acquired for each pixel in an image, and the emission of multiple fluorophores is obtained quickly, quantitatively, and reliably. A two-channel filter cube converts the MAG Biosystems SpecEM into a dual-band imaging system that acquires two fluorescence channels in a single shot, enabling real-time multispectral investigations.

  • Replace grating cube with two-channel filter cube for simultaneous dual-band imaging
  • Bypass option permits full field-of-view imaging
  • Mélange software
  • Field-stop slit limits illumination of sample to minimize photobleaching and phototoxicity
  • X-scanning stage provides rapid scanning of sample over full field-of-view
  • High-speed EMCCD detector delivers quantitative stability across 16 bits